Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 27 - 1360!

Started our day in Topeka, Kansas.  Surely you know, as I now do, that this is the capital of Kansas. 

Soon, we’re not in Kansas anymore.  We’ve crossed into Kansas City, Kansas.  It’s amazing how many twists and turns I-70 takes through this city!

It’s soon quite apparent we’re back in Missouri.  We have never encountered another state that has as many adult book stores and “cheapest-ever” fireworks stores.    We’re not complaining, but it’s just the facts, Mamm!

 Missouri is beautiful today;  Lots of blooming trees and fields of purple. We try to get a good picture, but not doing too well today.

As we near St. Louis we start to see a strange phenomenon….drops of water striking our car and the surrounding area.  We haven’t seen this for a month!

We’re so tempted to stop in STL, but plan to visit next weekend so onward we drive.  We cross the Mississippi and continue our eastward journey.

At last, we see the exit we’re looking for!  Lyrics to a song come to mind, “It’s been a long time, been a long time….”

Finally, we’re home.  We’ve traveled 5941 miles in 27 days.  We’ve been through ten states and seen wonder after wonder.  It’s been a great trip, but we’re glad to be home!  (But, we’ve also got our next trips planned!)

We often get asked….”What was your favorite thing?” or “What was your favorite meal?” or…  So, this time we thought we’d try to anticipate some of those questions with the answers below.

Q: How did The License Plate Game turn out?

A: We’re still missing three states; Rhode Island, West Virginia and New Hampshire.  Where are those people!?!?!?  Marvin gets the award for the plate from the farthest distance…a plate from Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil.  (Oh, yeah, Mona got the most plates in total!)

 Q: Most exciting drive?  
             A: Durango to Ouray – OMG!!!!!  Next time we’ll listen to Paul! Runner up - drive to Taos

Q: Most notable meals?
            A: So many great meals…can’t pick a #1.
Steaks on the grill in Palm Desert at our villa
Mona's meal at Lake View at the Marriott in Palm Desert
The Buckhorn Exchange in Denver
The diner in Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Q: Most snow?
            A: Denver rest area – about 8 feet of snow.

Q: Best bathrooms?
            A:New Mexico (this one is from Mona)

            Q: Best event?
            A: Polo!!!  All four of us want to go back for this!

            Q: Biggest surprise?
            A: Mona didn't shop.  Runner up – Marvin finished only one book during this trip (about   
            Roswell).  Normally, he’d read twenty or thirty books on a trip this long.

            Q:Biggest RS? (retirement stupidity)
A: Marvin repeatedly saying Denver instead of Colorado

Q: Best wrong turn?
A: Taos

Q: Biggest disappointment?
A: No dancing, but there’s always next week!

Q: Most convincing?
A: Roswell.  The answer is there.  

Q:Most fun?
A: Being vagabonds for four weeks

Q: Favorite one night stand (hotel)?
A: Santa Fe, The Inn and Spa at Lorretto…this is a must-do hotel! 

Q: Mona's best kick ass experience?
A: Shooting a Colt 45 in Tombstone.

Q: Favorite breakfast?
A: Without a doubt, the restaurant at the Inn and Spa at Lorretto…need we repeat? corn pancakes, pinon syrup….Y.U.M! 

Q: Most beautiful sight?
A: Impossible to answer!  Sedona.  Grand Canyon.  Mesa Verde.  Monuments. ..the list goes on and on. 

           Q: Regrets?
           A: None…ready to go again!

Well, this is the last post on this blog.  We won't be posting any more on Facebook until the next vacation.  If you want to follow us, subscribe on the link below.  Not sure how much we'll be posting, but we'll see.

This was a great vacation.  Hope you enjoyed traveling a little with us.  Happy trails to you!

(What time is it?  What day is it?!?)


  1. Thanks for letting us all share in your vacation. It seems to me that going west is always good! (My favorite place I've lived was Mountain Home, Idaho.)

    1. We've never been to Idaho, but plan to go there later this year. Thanks for all your nice comments!