Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 12 - Chilling

Reading spot.
Mona and Daisy
Most of the day we chilled…just taking it easy, enjoying the scenery, reading and relaxing. In the morning, we took the boardwalk to the hotel where we bought mocha lattes and sat in the sun next to the waterfalls.  There we read and played with the friendly ducks. Very nice!

In the afternoon we headed for Palm Springs to do some celebrity geocaching.  First a cache, outside of Liberace’s home.  Then one outside of Liz Taylor’s home.  You can’t see much of the homes because of high shrubbery, but the security warning signs are plain to see.

Speaking of signs, we came across this one when looking for a cache near a place where Einstein visited.  We have no clue as to what it means!  We've seen lots of interesting signs on this trip and we've tried to take pictures of them all.  Trying to figure out a way of sharing them...not another blog....hmmmm....maybe a collage, yeh, that's the ticket!  A collage!

We started another blog, dedicated to geocaching.  We’ve tried to leave most of the geocaching details out of this one, because few really want to hear about caching.  Anyway, the blog is linked below and you’ll have to figure out how to follow it, because we won’t be posting it on Facebook as we are this one.
We finished off our day with a visit to The Cork Tree for appetizers and a drink.  We had smoked ahi tuna sliders and shrimp and crab cakes.  Totally yum!  Love the atmosphere of this place.  Always busy, but the noise level doesn't get too high and the staff is perfectly attentive.  Great place to relax and talk, which is exactly why we're here!

High winds had developed while we were in The Cork Tree….gusting to 50 mph it sounded like a blizzard and cut through you to the bone. Chilling!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, again. I'm thinking Jim and I are overdue for a trip. . .