Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 15 - Look before you stomp.

First light
Started the day with a three hour geocaching walk in the desert.  Left at first light to make sure I (Marvin) got done before the heat of the day.  Found nine caches in spite of the problems was having.

Glasses tinkling?
We really loved the polo games on Saturday, so we decided to head back today.  But, this time we stopped and bought lawn chairs so we could better enjoy the games. We got to Empire Polo Club and sat out our chairs; problem was that they were in full sun, and would be that way throughout the day.  On the other side of the field we saw an oasis of white tents and we imagined the sounds of tinkling glasses and flowing wine.  (How do glasses tinkle?)

Nice and cool.  Like!
In short order we packed up our lawn chairs, threw them in the back of the Highlander and headed for the other side.  Come to find out, for $20 each you get to sit in the shade at a reserved table and you get waiter service.  Much more liking this!

The first game was all-female and included the top rated female polo player in the United States, Sonny Hale.  All the riders were excellent, but it was clearly apparent she was the best on the field and won the MVP award.

8 legged horse,
Bred specially for polo!
Where's the ball?!?!
Next up was the men’s championships.  But wait, one of the men was a woman!  Not like “Victor  Victoria”…this woman was on the scorecard and announced at the beginning of the game.  She is a co-owner of the team with her husband and both were in game.  The game is on….more thundering hooves…more smacks of the ball….more divots.  “Divots” you say? Yes, divots….those little clumps of sod thrown up by the horses’ hooves.  More about divots in the next paragraph.

"Hey, Mona!  Is this a divot?"
At halftime comes the divot stomping event.  Waiters come up out with large trays filled with flutes of champagne.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to grab a flute and head onto the field to stomp the divots back into the ground.  Sounds simple, right!?!  Well, it is and it’s highly delightful.  One caution:  Before stomping, ensure that the clump is sod.  Enough said.

Postgame, the four of us declare our love of polo and forswear that we will return, thus making this a forsworn “do-over”.  Thusly, it shall be.  (Polo is the sports of kings, and it brings out the kings English in one.)
Marriott Desert Springs Lobby

Crusing the desert!
We head to the Marriott Desert Springs for dinner.  We take a boat from the lobby to the Lakeside Inn, dining al fresco by the fire and sharing our new found polo expertise with all who care to listen.  (At this count, none.)

Another great day in the desert!


  1. Beautiful sunrise pictures! Also love the boat in the desert pics: great!

  2. I thought you were going to say that Mona stomped on something she thought was a divot but was not ... I can see it being confusing. :) Enjoy reading about your adventures, Sir Marvin!