Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 1

This is our first blog....who would have thought that we would take so long to start blogging, given our technology careers?!?! least we've finally started.

The "R" in "R Vacation 1" stands for "retired" or "our"...whichever you like!

Yesterday, we began our trip to California. We left Decatur early and drove to the loft in St. Louis. We had to meet up with our Loftsitter to drop off the keys and codes. Then, off on our trip!!!

Right of the bat we were tempted to stop and wander...Meramac Caverns, the Vacuum Cleaner Museum, etc. etc. etc. So much to see in Missouri! But!, We resisted temptation and drove on!

Our route intersected the Joplin tornado path....thousands of uprooted trees still strewn everywhere. The good news was all the new homes being built. Man persists!

Got our first Oklahoma geocache, Sleepytime In the Western World, near Miami, OK. It was very near a monument to American Indians who served in our military. (pictured) We would have never seen this monument had we not been geocachers!

Finally, ended up the day by staying at a hotel that we picked using a coupon from the Oklahoma Visitor Center. Walked outside a bit and then walked to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. We were both tired and crashed early. Soon, we'll be hitting the road again....can't wait for Texas and New Mexico!

One more thing...when we were kids we both played "The License Plate Game", watching to see which states' plates you saw on your trip. Somethings never change, so we're playing again. No competition of course, but the score is: Mona - 7 states plus Ontario Marvin - 5 states :-( (I WILL do better today!)

Thanks to Carl for helping get me started!
Okay, done for now. Gotta learn how to share this and add a picture!


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    1. Glad to be of assistance. Looking forward to living vicariously through you two... :)

  2. Cool! You will have to check out my blog which is mainly for my cards.